okey a few nights ago i had a dream about BEN this is how it went.

i was a train staion waiting for a train i waited and waited but it never came late a night i was still in the train staion a bus pulled up and i was still asleep when BEN came out he grabed me and took me in his bus there was nobody was there but me and BEN i woke up and screamed BEN walked overt to me and he started to laugh then he went back to the driver seat but he was not driveing just siting there stareing. i started to wiggle over to a widow i got it opened and i almost jumped out but i felt a something on my shoulder it felt like a bee sting a terned around and there BEN was and he said

" you really should'int have done that" and then i woke up

You Shouldn't Have Done That.... ~BEN Horror 3~